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Grab some Ferraris from a collection of 830 ready to race Ferraris waiting for you on Solana Blockchain


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​Hello NFT enthusiast, Metaverse and NFTs are the future that's why we are here to spark the fire NFTs. Initially today we are a company with a hardworking team and huge milestones. We are promising company and our sole objective is not earning profit but building a strong community with help of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs like you. We value your time, capital and trust. That's why to stand out in such huge NFT space we provide our members a unique feature that no one till has not even thought off. We provide fully transparency. Yeah we are fully transparent. Every revenue and gain or loss and expenses incurred by the company will be shared with our members. All records including pre-sale. This will not only increase the trust of our members but also help them to take decisions for our future projects. We are committed to our members that's why they can contact us any time on our exclusive discord server separate from normal server. So are you ready to join with us in our journey in metaverse?

How Are We Different From Others


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Co-Founder and Blockchain developer


Co-Founder and Artist


Marketing Head

Our Hardworking Team

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